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Hurricane Categories Defined

Jun 28th, 2017

Hurricane Season is here.  Below you will learn about the different categories of hurricanes and the effects they may have should you be in one’s path.   Cat 1 Category 1 Hurricanes have wind speeds of 74 mph to 95 mph. Category 1 hurricanes strong winds can produce some damage: Homes could have damage to…

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Water falling on roof on Tips to prevent home from water damage, provided by ServiceMaster South of the James in richmond va

Do you have Rain Damage?

Jun 5th, 2017

Did you know rain can cause some of the priciest damage to your home? Any rain water that gets into the home can lead to disasters that can add up to clean up. Rain water can cause damage to the foundation, gutters, walls, ceilings, and floors in a home.  Not stopping at structural damage mold and…

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