5 Common Repairs After Water Damage

Water damage can occur anywhere, yet there will include some areas which statistically will be more likely to cause issues.

According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, toilet malfunctions cause water damage, and can easily cost over $5,500 in damage. Most typical toilet failures include toilet bowl overflows, supply line breaks,and wax ring leaks. General plumbing problems, along with toilet malfunctions, can also produce water damage.

Behind the usual plumbing issues would be failures with washing machines. As washing machines malfunction, they easily can pump out multiple water gallons per minute, particularly if there’s a major issue like a detached or broken hose. Additional household appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and HVAC systems and freezer supply lines also typical water damage sources.

Water Damage Restoration - Cleaning Patio Decking

Apart from these internal issues, most homeowners suffer water damage because of natural disasters, like heavy storms or floods, which permit water inside the home. Water pooling inside crawl spaces or basements are usually the most frequent areas of problems. Oftentimes this water seeps in from window wells yet also can leak through the foundation. Excess quantities of rain for prolonged periods of time will leave the grounds o saturated that it will indubitably seep through the wall and foundation floor.

Minimizing the risk

As water damage may not always be completely preventable, there will include numerous measures which homeowners may take to properly keep their homes protected in order to avoid excess damage.

1. Review your home for signs

Most typical water damage causes, like general plumbing issues can be detected prior to incurring costly damage.It may be rust surrounding pipes, running toilets, minor leaks or odd noises deriving from your pipes.

2. Running appliances correctly

Washing machines include a typical water damage cause, and individuals pushing them to their full capacity may exacerbate the problem. Instead of over stuffing your machine, try to run smaller loads that will not only ensure cleaner clothing but drier floors.

3. Keep up with maintenance

Issues associated with HVAC systems often can be reduced or mitigated by regular servicing and maintenance. It’ll assist in avoiding buildup of moisture, which may prevent mold and water from seeping to the remainder of the house. The sewer line includes the most forgotten about plumbing within the house; because it’s buried inside the ground. Be certain to have the sewer line rootered regularly every twelve months and jetted every three years. For properties which are over fifteen years old, it’s recommended to have your sewer line camera checked out for possible issues, too.

4. Keep your home sealed properly

It’s vital that you properly keep your home sealed around all of the openings in which water may access your home, like around doors, windows, or openings on your roof for chimneys or skylights. Weather stripping and additional preventive measures are going to wear away over time, leaving your house open to drips and leaks which may lead to an impressive quantity of damage. Keep the gutters angled away from your home and running downhill. It’s also recommended that you invest within clear covers for the window wells which help prevent water accumulation inside the window wells yet still will permit the light inside your basement.

5. Call as issues are detected

The longer water sits, the worse the damage. Contact ServiceMaster as soon as issues are detected in order to keep water from spreading and producing more damage.

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