Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

ServiceMaster Clean®, located in Richmond, Virginia, provides expert residential and commercial carpet cleaning services designed to deodorize, restore, and remove all forms of dirt from your carpets. Having your expensive floor coverings deep cleaned every six to 12 months is important. Doing so helps to preserve a carpet’s beauty and durability. Removing agents that have gathered in the carpet over time, and that cannot be eliminated through routine vacuuming, extends the life of your floor covering. For a small investment, you can have an experienced ServiceMaster Clean® technician remove harmful dirt, detergent, and moisture, all of which can destroy the structural integrity of your carpet.

Benefits of Professional Cleaning

When you call on an skilled ServiceMaster Clean® professional to clean your carpets you’ll enjoy numerous benefits. Our process will:

  • Extend the life of your carpet and you’ll receive a better return on your investment.
  • Maintain your carpet’s rich color and texture.
  • Result in your environment projecting a more consistent and pleasant appearance overall.
  • Reduce the effects of wear, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Help prevent destructive soil buildup in the carpet’s fiber base.
  • Prevent matting, spotting and excessive wear.

Residential Cleaning Service

House cleaning

The carpeting in your home takes a daily beating. Kids, pets, visitors, traffic moving in and out of your home, food and drink, outdoor elements, and many other factors affect your home’s precious floor coverings. A thorough carpet cleaning can add value to your home, help maintain its beauty, and reduce harmful bacteria and allergens.

At ServiceMaster Clean® in Goochland and Richmond, VA, we work to your specifications in order to meet your needs and achieve great results, and we guarantee that the job will be done right.

Our Exclusive Cleaning Process

We follow a specific carpet care and cleaning process, which includes:

  • Preliminary inspection to determine the best cleaning method.
  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains.
  • Pre-application of cleaning products to loosen ground-in soil.
  • Rinsing your carpet with clear, hot water.
  • Post-treatment of any residual stains.
  • Carpet grooming for efficient drying and a uniform appearance.
  • Pads under furniture legs to protect the carpet while it dries.
  • Final inspection with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

For quality residential carpet cleaning, ServiceMaster Clean® in Richmond, Virginia, is your provider of premium services.

Commercial Cleaning Service

The carpeting in your business is one of the first things with which your customers will come in contact and see. And, as a business owner, you know that first impressions are very important.

Commercial carpets can take a real beating with even the most durable and stain resistant floors showing signs of extreme use quickly. It’s recommended that you clean the carpets at your place of business a minimum of every six months. Hiring a professional, such as those at ServiceMaster Clean®, will offer optimum results. A stained, unkempt carpet can send a negative message to your present and potential customers. By hiring a professional who will get the job done right, you’re creating an environment that is attractive and welcoming.

Every year, the experienced and knowledgeable technicians at ServiceMaster Clean® remove dirt, unwanted agents, and stains from more than 100 million square feet of commercial carpet. In that time, we serve some 5,000 commercial customers, all of whom benefit from our advanced technology, dedicated effort, and commitment to quality. We offer personalized service, advanced methods for cleaning and maintaining your carpeting, and a simple billing process.

If you have a business in Richmond, Powhatan, Petersburg, Goochland, and Glen Allen, VA or the surrounding area, contact us for more information on our commercial services.

Specialty Work

At ServiceMaster Clean®, we are dedicated to meeting each of our customer’s needs. Often commercial clients have specific requirements that are related to their business. It may be treating areas that experience extra-heavy traffic, a lack of downtime, which means we have a small window of opportunity for proper cleaning and maintenance which must be done at odd hours, or special cleaning challenges related to chemical interactions, staining, or specific types of dirt. We have the in-depth experience, advanced skills and techniques, and quality materials and equipment required to maintain your carpet’s appearance and your company’s image no matter how unique your needs are.

Our Green Cleaning Process

ServiceMaster Clean also offers green cleaning for your carpets. As effective as traditional cleaning, our green cleaning is odorless and solvent-free. It’s the right thing for our customers and for the environment. Learn more about our green cleaning process by contacting us today.