Don’t Let the Flu Catch You

Feb 24th, 2017

With Flu Season at its peak below are some tips to reduce your chance of catching the flu Get a flu shot Wash your hands often Despite what you have been taught about sharing, do not share items when you are sick Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth Get plenty of sleep Use tissues…

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Electric Space Heater Safety Tips

Electric Space Heater Safety Tips

Feb 16th, 2017

With temperatures still low listed are a few safety tips on Portable Electric Space Heaters: Turn heaters off when you go to bed or leave the room. Use space heaters with an automatic shut off so they will shut off if tipped over. Always place space heater on a sturdy surface. Do not ever plug the…

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Mold on floor joist in richmond va

Mold Issues?

Feb 3rd, 2017

When excessive moisture accumulates mold growth will often occur. Mold can grow anywhere; on carpet, wood, walls, cabinets, clothing, and even in hard to see places.  Hard to see areas can consist of the backside of drywall, inside walls, around pipes, crawlspaces and attics. So what can you do if you are worried about potential…

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water damage clean up services in richmond va

Rain Rain Go Away

Jan 23rd, 2017

Water backup occurs when the water from your home exceeds the capacity of removal systems to drain it. It can occur from rain or flood water seeping into foundation walls.  It can also occur when sewer systems overflowing and come up through drains in your home. Preventing Water Backup Maintain gutters and downspouts Adjust your…

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water damage services in Richmond va

Brrrrr it’s cold!

Jan 9th, 2017

Unfortunately along with freezing temperatures comes frozen and busted water lines. If you need assistance call ServiceMaster South of the James 804-748-0716 for all your water mitigation needs.

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