With cooler temperatures approaching ServiceMaster South of the James would like to stress the importance of having your heating unit fully inspected before peak season. An inspection performed by a qualified heating and cooling technician can confirm that your system is running efficiently or uncover problematic issues that could be hazardous.  Keep in mind hidden problems can turn into big disasters if left untreated.  Listed below are a few things the service tech will be looking at to assure they are working properly:

-Correctly working burners

-Wiring is secure

-Condensation lines are clear

-Proper ventilation with no leaks

*Should your inspection discover any issues, please have the technician make the necessary repairs.

Additionally as a home owner it is your responsibility to change out the filters regularly. Neglected and dirty filters can release toxic particles into your home such as dust and mold.  Keeping the filters clean can help prevent the circulation of such airbornes which can cause respiratory and health problems.