Winter and cold temperatures are here and if you haven’t prepared your home for cold weather, now is the time to do so.

  1. Seal any air leaks around your home. Caulk around windows and add weatherstipping to doors. Look for any gaps around plumbing pipes and vents. Close any open exterior vents that may have been left opened
  2. Check your heating system and make sure it is running properly.Replace filters and clean vents. Make sure your heating vents are clear of furniture.
  3. Get your fireplace ready.Fireplaces can be a source to heat your home, but they’re good especially good for heat and cooking in the event of power outages. Check the flue for creosote buildup, cracks, or blockages. If so contact a professional to address the issues before use.
  4. Reverse the ceiling fans.Most ceiling fans have reverse switches, and there’s an important reason for this. If you look up at your fan you’ll notice it turns counterclockwise, but in the winter you want it to turn clockwise instead. Warm air rises to the ceiling, but with your fan spinning clockwise it will create an updraft that pushes warm air around the room without creating a wind chill.
  5. Insulate any exposed pipes in areas such as the basement, attic, crawlspace, or outside. For easy coverage you can use pipe insulation sleeves for at most hardware stores. Insulation pipes will help prevent busted pipes and serious water damage.
  6. Make sure the gutters are clean and clear of any debris.When gutters are clogged, rain and melted snow can cause leaks and damage your home.
  7. Check tree branches and limbs.If there is any snow and ice it can cause them to break and fall, so be sure to trim any that are hanging over your house.