Is your AC ready for the summer? When was the last time you checked the condensate line?  Did you know a clogged condensate line could cause several problems in your home?  Such problems are water damage and flooding, a house fire if water was to drip onto electrical components, or it may allow mold, mildew and bacteria to grow and spread throughout your home.  Listed below are steps on how to clean the line to help prevent such problems.

First turn off the power to your HVAC system.

Second locate your air handler and find the condensate pan. Usually this is located directly under the unit. Sometimes it may also be covered by an access panel.

Once located if you see standing water in the drain pan, your drain line is probably clogged. If so use a shop vac to remove anything standing. You can also use towels to soak up any water.

Now that the drain can be accessed the clog usually can be cleared with suction. Locate the drain opening on the outside of your house near the foundation.  Use the shop vac to pull the clog through the drain opening. Good suction is key to successfully removing the clog.  Placing your hand around the pipe to improve suction and allow the vacuum to run for a minute usually produces great results.

Next, you will need to locate the access point on the drain line. This drain will have a T-shaped vent with a cover. Remove the cover to gain access and inspect the drain. At this point use distilled vinegar or hot soapy washer to clean the drain.  Allow approximately 30 minutes or so to let the solution to sit in the line. Once time is up flush the pipe with water to complete the cleaning.

Routine maintenance steps like checking your drain line will not only help keep your air conditioner running more efficiently but it could potently save you hundreds of dollars in damages.