Spring time is when pollen season goes into full effect. While we all enjoy the beautiful weather and blooming of flowers others will suffer from the pollen that comes along with it. Here are some simple tips to keep pollen out of your house.

Keep the windows and doors closed- Although temperatures are wonderful and you are seeking fresh air, keep windows shut. Leaving windows open will welcome pollen into your home.

Shoes- Wipe your feet on the mat, or take off your shoes off as soon as you enter the house. Leave them at designated spot in the entry.

Clothing- If you’ve been working in the yard you’ll need to get the pollen off your body and your clothes as soon as you come into the house. This will prevent the spread of pollen all over the house. It is best to put clothes right in the wash if you can.

Wash yourself- Your body and hair will carry pollen. If you don’t wash it off after entering the house, you can transfer the pollen to your furniture and other surfaces.

Pets- As much as we love them our furry friends can also bring in the pollen. Give them a good brushing and wipe their paws off before they track it through the house.

Keep these tips in mind and don’t let pollen get you down this spring.