According to The American Christmas Tree Association, incidents involving Christmas trees result in millions of dollars annually in property damage. Having a live tree in your home, the combination of tree dryness, malfunctioning lights and closely located heating sources can make for a deadly combination.  Below are some tips to reduce the risk of a disaster.

  • When choosing a tree, fresh trees are less likely to catch fire. Look for a tree with vibrant green needles that are hard to pluck and aren’t falling from its branches.
  • Make sure your tree has plenty of water and remember to water daily.
  • Always place your tree away from heat sources by at least three feet. A heat source can be heat vents, radiators, candles, fireplaces, or even lights.
  • Inspect your string lights and make sure all your indoor and outdoor lights have been tested in a lab for safety. Replace any lights with broken cords or loose bulb connectors with new ones.
  • Always turn tree lights off when leaving home or going to bed.
  • After Christmas dispose of the tree. Dried out trees are big fire dangers and should not be left in the home.

Please keep these tips in mind when decking your halls. We here at ServiceMaster South of the James want you and your families to have a safe and happy holiday.