With Hurricane Irma fast approaching and Jose on her heels, are you Hurricane Ready? Below we have posted some tips to help prepare for a disaster.


Water and Ice:  Start bagging ice from your icemaker and fill up any open space in your freezer with these bags.  This will help keep food cold for a longer period of time should power go out. Clean your bathtub and fill up with water.


Vehicles:  Fill up your vehicle with gas and check the oil.  You may also want to fill up any gas cans you have to use as extra or for a generator.


Cash: Go by the bank or ATM and withdraw emergency money.  Withdraw at least enough for tolls and gas if you need to leave town.


Important Documents, Pictures, and heirlooms: Any important documents or pictures in your home scan on your computer and email it to yourself.  Any original documents, pictures, and heirlooms put in vacuum sealed bags or watertight containers.  Your Dishwasher is a water tight appliance. You can store valuable in here, lock it and it will stay dry.  In the event of a flood the dishwasher is anchored in by your cabinets and countertops.


Windows and Doors: Board up windows and doors if possible.  Also old rags and towels should be placed on the inside of your windowsills to soak up and water that could come in.


Outside In:  Bring in anything that you have outside such as patio furniture, flags, yard ornaments, etc.


Supplies:  Make sure you have stocked up on batteries, flashlights, propane, gas, food and have plenty of drinking water.


Pets & Livestock: Do not leave pets behind! Make a plan for your pets and livestock early on so that if things do get bad you have options. Make sure they have food and water.  It is also a good idea to have vet records handy if they need to be sheltered.


Evacuation:  Have an evacuation plan in place and don’t wait until it is too late should things get really bad.