Trauma Cleaning Services in Richmond, VA

ServiceMaster South of the James in Richmond, Virginia, offers all kinds of 24/7 cleanup, remediation, and restoration services, including those connected to or caused by trauma. Trauma relates to events that are sudden, dangerous, and destructive. The range of such events is extensive, as this may include everything from violent crimes, accident scenes, and situations involving extreme behavior, such as hoarding.

Whatever the traumatic event may be and whatever the consequences of that event, ServiceMaster South of the James is ready to address and remedy any and all aspects. Our experienced, trained, and knowledgeable technicians are able to tackle any type of trauma situation.

Our Trauma Services

ServiceMaster South of the James offers those in the Richmond area the services of specialists who are trained and certified in trauma clean up. Our technicians are dedicated, exacting professionals who are experienced in handling the toughest of jobs, including violent crime scenes, accident areas, and industrial accidents involving chemicals or biological contaminants.

ServiceMaster South of the James provides proven cleaning processes for:

  • Crime scenes
  • Homicides
  • Suicides
  • Natural death
  • Unnatural death
  • Trauma accidents
  • Industrial accidents
  • Tear gas cleaning
  • Meth labs
  • Fingerprint dust
  • Uninhabitable residences
  • Disinfecting and odor removal
  • Vehicle mishap cleaning
  • Hoarding and gross filth

Specialized Training

Our technicians don’t simply provide services relate to the basic clean up of trauma scenes. They are specially trained for unique circumstances and situations. As an example, federal law requires bio-clean technicians to be trained in removing all signs of biological contamination. Our experts are certified and equipped to control blood-borne pathogens, know how to utilize proper protective gear when in contact with such, and can handle and dispose of biological materials in accordance with strict government regulations. Our trauma restoration services meet all health and OSHA regulations.

Additionally, our technicians are trained in crime scene procedures, the handling of accident scenes, and dealing with unnatural death scenarios. No matter what the circumstances may be, the staff at ServiceMaster South of the James will ably work with a wide range of professionals, including those in law enforcement, health and safety, and emergency response.

Understanding and Caring

The technicians at ServiceMaster South of the James have been trained to handle very difficult situations with sensitivity, professionalism, and care. They understand how to properly address difficult questions, how to be respectful of those who have been affected by the trauma, and how to lessen tensions and anxieties associated with the situation. They approach each job with integrity and respect for grieving families and loved ones. Our experienced technicians have worked in a wide-range of situations.

Ready To Serve Immediately

ServiceMaster South of the James in Richmond, Virginia provides quality trauma restoration and cleaning services in Disputanta, Powhatan, Petersburg, Goochland, Glen Allen, Amelia, Hanover and all of Virginia. We are able to clean, disinfect, restore, and clean up debris-ridden areas that have been affected by trauma. Our expertise in dealing with extreme situations involving violent actions, unusual behavior, and dangerous contagions and chemicals is unrivaled. Contact us today by calling 804-748-0716.

No matter when you call us, we will respond quickly, offering top-level service whenever you need it. Our experienced technicians will work hard to ensure that all services are delivered in a timely and thorough manner.