Bad Water Heaters have been known to cause thousands of dollars in damages when not functioning properly. We have listed three easy things you should check each year to make sure your water heater is working efficiently.

First thing is to check is the T/P relief valve also known as the temperature and pressure relief valve.  This is the valve that is located on the side or at the top of the tank. This is the valve that opens to release water from the tank when the pressure is too high.  This valve should be checked at least twice year. Test the valve by turning it to the opposite position for a few seconds to make sure that it will release hot water.

Second thing is to look for is rust in the tank. Anytime you add water to steel you are going to have to rust sooner or later.  A water heater has an anode rod that is designed to rust before your actual water tank does. The anode rod can be anywhere between 3-5 feet long and will need to be replaced about every 3 years.

Third thing is sediment build up.  Water contains minerals that will eventually build up in the bottom of your water tank.  Sediment can form once this happens and interfere with the function on the water heater. It is suggested you flush your water heater annually to prevent this build up.

Doing these 3 things at least once a will keep your water heater running smoothly and will decrease the chance of an emergency water situation. In the unfortunate event your water heater does end up causing damage in your home, call ServiceMaster South of the James for all your mitigation needs.